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When smaller is better

When smaller is better

The product design process is filled with decisions, but one was more difficult than the rest. Were we going to build a portable charger that would be available in any circumstance? Or were we going to create a charger with the largest capacity possible?

As you probably know, we opted for portability. We looked at our own story of being stranded on a trip because of our phone batteries, and we talked with our friends and families as well. It was clear after those conversations that SideKick by Flintu would be more useful with less power.

Why? Because less power meant a smaller product, and the charger you have on hand is always going to be more useful than the giant charger that left at home because it wouldn’t fit in your pocket or purse.

Portability vs Capacity

Imagine this: You’re at 5% percent battery. You need to get an Uber, respond to your boss’ email, check a map to see how to get back to your hotel or call your kids to say good night. 300 mAh, or 2 hours usage, is exactly what you need in those moments.

Better yet, that extra power boost is small enough to fit on your keychain, and the SideKick is automatically charged when you connect it to a computer or outlet to charge your phone. No more reminding yourself to charge your charger.

Now, if you want a charger to do the heavy-lifting when you’re out and about, SideKick shouldn’t be your only charger. It won’t support hours of on-the-go Facetiming, Youtubing, Netflixing, or recording. You’ll still need a 20,000 mAh charger for that, and there’s no reason you can’t have both.

Think of SideKick as a jumper cable for your phone, a trusted partner that will keep you in charge during all of life’s tough situations.