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How long does my SideKick take to charge?

SideKick's internal battery takes 45min to recharge while plugged into USB-A

How do i chose the color of my SideKick?

You will be sent a survey via email to select the color your SideKick.

How much charge do I get?

SideKick has a small built-in Li-Ion battery to get you out of a jam, enough to keep you going for about two hours. If you need more juice you can pop on some AA, C or D alkaline/lithium cells. Please read our blog post if you’d like more information.

How fast does it charge?

SideKick’s smart processor optimises the charge rate so your dead phone turns on quicker and stays on longer. In technical terms, it starts out charging at 1000mA and then gradually slows as the batteries deplete - this is so you stay connected longer.

What do the LEDs indicate?

SideKick has two modes: Storage and charge. Storage is indicated by three solid LEDs. Charge is indicated by moving LEDs. SideKick’s smart processor continuously monitors how much power is being transferred to your device and will adjust the speed of the moving LEDs - faster the better.

What does the button do?

Clicking the small button toggles between the Storage and Charger modes.

Can I transfer files from my phone to my SideKick?

Yes. Simply connect SideKick to your phone and select storage mode by clicking the button twice.

Can I transfer files from my PC/Mac to my SideKick?

Yes. Simply insert SideKick into the USB port on your PC/MAC to access the built-in USB flash drive.

How do i recharge the built-in Li-Ion battery?

The internal battery recharges automatically while connected to a PC or wall-adaptor.