You're in charge

SideKick ⚡ is a tiny, versatile, portable charger which has your back when your phone battery leaves you stranded.


Emergency power, on your keychain.

Your ‘get out of jail free card’ designed to be on you 24/7 and help you out of tight situations.

SideKick by Flintu
  • Charge off the grid

    Out and about without a power socket in sight? Grab a pair of AA, C or D batteries from any store and get the boost you need.
  • Charge on the go

    Get a jump when you need it most from SideKick’s internal Li-ion battery for 2-3 hrs of charge.
  • Charge by USB. Fast.

    Do most of your day-to-day charging at work or home? Connect to your computer, laptop or USB charge station with SideKick’s handy built-in USB data cable.
  • Storage when you need it

    Transport those important files or clear space on your phone with SideKick’s built in flash storage.

SideKick on TechCrunch

The tiny, revolutionary smartphone charger which has you covered in all battery emergencies.

Designed to keep you in charge

Versatile. Durable. Stylish. SideKick works to keep your low battery anxiety at a minimum. Whether your waiting on an important call, contacting a loved one or navigating on a holiday, SideKick has you covered.

Every bit as powerful as it looks

Get an up-close look at the keychain of the year

Built smart and tough

Innovative technology for pocketable performance

  • When size matters

    When size matters

    SideKick is NOT a 20,0000 mAh Power pack that is sitting at home when you need. It is your ‘get out of jail free card’ designed to be on your 24/7 and help you out of tricky situations.

    When size matters
  • The best sidekicks are always versatile

    The best sidekicks are always versatile

    Your phone can die anywhere and at any time, whether your ordering an uber out of a night spot or on your way to an important meeting. The problem is unpredictable, so the solution needs to be versatile.

    The best sidekicks are always versatile
  • Revolutionary MagCharge terminals

    Revolutionary MagCharge terminals

    SideKick's magnetic terminals allow you to 'snap in' any cell batteries available and get power to your phone, when you need it most. Much more than a iPhone charger, type C, or Samsung charger. SideKick is your everyday carry phone back-up.

    Revolutionary MagCharge terminals

The essential everyday carry

Built for your life on the go
External battery compatible
Get an emergency boost from AA, C and D-size external batteries.
Japanese made Li-ion rechargeable
Charge on-the-go with SideKick’s Japanese made Lithium booster cell 300mAh (2-3hrs)
USB sync and charge
Charge your phone at work or home with SideKick’s built-in USB sync cable, which automatically recharges SideKick’s internal battery at the same time.
Carry it wherever you go
SideKick by Flintu is so compact that it easily fits on your keychain, meaning it can be with you anywhere.
Up to 128GB flash storage
Store up to 128GB of data on your keys. Transfer from computer to device, device to phone, or phone to device.
Quick charge
Need a boost fast? Flick on SideKick’s fast charge switch for a lightning fast recharge.